Industries Served

  • Agriculture

  • Chemical Manufacturing

  • Food Processing

  • Hardware

  • Heating and Refrigeration

  • Nuclear

  • Petrochemical – Oil and Gas

  • Pharmaceutical

  • Pipe Valve and Fitting

  • Power Generation

  • Primary Metal, Steel & Aluminum

  • Pulp and Paper

In our market area, J&A Sales Inc. has served all of these industries and their subcontractors over the past three decades.

  • We stock materials to satisfy the sealing needs of the industries listed above.

  • We carry a full complement of gasket material to seal the full PH range (0-14) and temperatures ranging from (-450 F. to 2800 F).

  • Our sealing and application experts are available to help you get the most out of your equipment design, plant maintenance and processing procedures.

Please contact us to solve your sealing needs today.